Suid-Kaap Seep

Suid-Kaap Seep Suid-Kaap Seep (Southern Cape Soap) is a well-known business in George.  They have been trading for more than 18 years and offers quality cleaning products and accessories at affordable rates. Manufacturers of Cleaning Materials the Garden Route. They are one of the biggest manufactures of cleaning materials in George along the South African Garden Route.  Containers from 250ml to 25lites are available.  Clients are welcome to bring their own containers. Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Materials and Toilet Paper in George Suid-Kaap Seep in George supplies cleaning materials and toilet paper for both domestic and commercial use.  A wide range of products are available.  Cleaning products includes washing powders and liquids, concentrated bleach, deo-blocks, bubble bath, shampoo, body wash and liquid soap, carpet shampoo, floor and furniture oil, dishwashing liquid, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, multi-gel and many more.  Other products and accessories includes to name a few mops, brooms, brushes, toilet paper, sponges, cloths and car cleaning accessories. Cleaning Materials and Accessories delivered in the George Area Cleaning materials and accessories as well as toilet paper can be delivered in the George area. Visit the Suid-Kaap Seep Shop on the corner of Wellington and Stockenstroom Street in George or […]

Strandloper Animal Clinic gives advice on food allergies in cats

Strandloper Animal Clinic in Hartenbos   Food Allergies in Cats Like many humans, cats too can suffer from allergies. Food allergies are more common amongst cats than we tend to acknowledge. A Food allergy is an allergic reaction to one or more ingredient  in a pet’s food. The most common allergens are beef and milk products, cereals such as wheat, corn and soya, chicken and eggs. The exact cause of food allergy is not known. Perhaps a change in the pet’s immune system causes certain ingredients to be perceived as “foreign” initiating inflammatory mechanisms to fight off the perceived “intruder”. Most Common Symptoms of Foof Allergy in Cats The most common symptoms of food allergy are itching, licking or chewing. Skin problems are also common in conjunction with food hypersensitivity. Some pets may also have diarrhea and other digestive problems. Symptoms can appear at any age, whether a pet just started a new diet or has been eating the same food for several years. The only effective way of diagnosing a food allergy is to put your pet on a “hypoallergenic” or “exclusion” diet for a minimum of 8-12 weeks. Such a diet contains ingredients to which the animal has […]

Ocean Safaris

Ocean Safaris Plettenberg Bay Ocean Safaris operates in Plettenberg Bay one of South Africa’s most diverse bays. Attractions and Activities In Plettenberg Bay Plettenberg Bay is a well-known holiday destination and offer a variety of attractions and activities including Whale and dolphin watching Dolphin and Whale Watching in the Garden Route Ocean Safaris in Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route offer two different types of Dolphin and Whale watching cruises: DISCOVERY CRUISES and PREMIUM CRUISES (Close Encounter).   The tour begins with a unique dry launch into the surf zone and ends with a ride straight back onto the beach…. Close Encounter Whale Watching in Plettenberg Bay PREMIUM cruises are ‘CLOSE ENCOUNTER’ tours.  These are conducted on the permitted whale watching vessel “Fatboy”.  This permit allows the licenced boat to approach whales up to 50 m.   The whales may then move closer if they wish…. Discovery Whale Watching Cruises in Plett The DISCOVERY whale watching cruises at Ocean Safaris in Plett are run on boats which do not hold permits and are legally obliged to stay 300 meters from whales. Garden Route Whale Season ‘Official’ whale season in Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route, based on the presence of Southern Right […]

Sea Glimpse Holiday Resort

Victoria Bay Holiday Resort Sea Glimpse Holiday Resort close to Victoria Bay  offers  self catering accommodation in a tranquil setting amidst unspoilt surroundings, flanked by beautiful scenery. Affordable Resort Accommodation Garden Route Sea Glimpse is situated between George (8km) and Wilderness (6km) and less than 1km from the world famous Victoria Bay in the Garden Route. This is also where the resort gets it name, a glimpse of the sea. … More Info….

Cango Mountain Resort

Cango Mountain Resort The Cango Mountain Resort is your breakaway to the mountains. Conveniently situated only 24 km from Oudtshoorn, and a mere 10 …

Creative Hands

Creative Hands Hartenbos Creative Hands is located in the scenic coastal town of Hartenbos only minutes’ drive from Mossel Bay in the Garden Route. Arts and Craft Shop in Hartenbos Creative Hands is you one stop craft shop in the Garden Route and offers a selection of arts and craft products such as supplies for mosaic, scrapbooking, other art supplies, beading, and decoupage. Find your Craft Supplies in Hartenbos at Creative Hands Our shop is equipped with almost every need you might have in crafting and we are here to assist you with expert advices regarding your choice. Craft Classes are available at Creative Hands in Hartenbos Creative Hands offers a range of arts and crafts classes for all ages. Our classes range from Drawing and Painting Classes, Scrapbooking, Mosaic Classes to other craft classes. Creative Hands offers a wide selection of craft products like fabric paint, canvas, beads, mosaic, decoupage and scrapbooking. Our products ranges from fabric paint, canvas, a variety of beads, mosaic products, a large range of scrapbooking necessities and other crafts. The best is to visit our shop and see our wide selection for you. Creative Hands offers a relaxed and creative atmosphere where you can […]

Fabric World George

Fabric World George Fabric World is located in the city centre of George on the Garden Route of South Africa. Material & Fabric Shop in George Fabric World in George supplies a wide variety of fabrics/ materials and haberdashery for the needle worker, hand worker and hobby practicing persons. Where to buy fabrics, patterns and other needle work accessories in George? Where to buy fabrics and needle work accessories in George? The answer is easy, Fabric World! They offer a large selection of fabrics and other needle work accessories such as patterns, buttons, zips, ribbon, lace, sequins, threads, scissors, bobbins, hooks, needles etc. Some of the most popular products include: Bridal Fabrics, Evening Fabrics, Dress Fabrics, Dress Patterns, Vilene, Bull Denim, Clear Table Plastic, Batting, Felt, Melkdoek (muzlin), Motifs, Buttons ect. Fabrics and materials available from Fabric World in George on the Garden Route Fabric World in George on the Garden Route stocks a wide variety of fabrics and delicate lace. They are especially popular for the range of exclusive evening and brides materials.  These materials are shipped in from overseas directly from the manufacturer. Tapestries available at Fabric World in George Tapestries have been considered as a sewing art […]