Vehicle Window Tinting and Carbon Fibre Wrapping in George

Window Tinting in George

powerflow george

Powerflow in George is known as a one stop shop for vehicle accessories.  They now offer you Window Tinting for your vehicle. Window Tinting has many advantages.

Smash and Grab Window Tinting in the Garden Route

powerflow george

Window Tinting is the ideal solution to protect the interior of your vehicle, your skin and eyes while driving or just sitting in a car.  Window tinting offers 99% UV Protection, 99% heat rejection and is fade and corrosion free. Powerflow George on the Garden Route of South Africa also offers the popular Smash and Grab Window Tinting.

Carbon Fibre Vehicle Wrapping at Powerflow in George

You can also have your Carbon Fibre Vehicle Wrapping done at Powerflow George.  Give your vehicle a new look while preserving the original exterior. The material is waterproof and can be washed with soap and water. Carbon Fibre Vehicle wrapping is a fully removable vehicle wrap.

Window Tinting and Carbon Fibre Wrapping in the Garden Route

For a quotation on Window Tinting or Carbon Fibre Wrapping for your vehicle, contact Powerflow in George.  Their friendly and professional staff members at the shop in George in the Garden Route of South Africa are ready to assist you.