The Learning Facilitators

The Learning Facilitators

Learning Courses and Programs in Mossel Bay

The Learning Facilitators in Mossel Bay is an independent, non-accredited learning facilitator offering courses and programs to scholars and adults. The owner and learning facilitator, Maryna de Wet has a BA Ed, BA Honors as well as MA (UOFS). With years of experience and a passion for education, she is the best option to assist in extra learning courses and programs. Her programs are ideal for those who want to learn new skills and for self-enrichment.
Whether you are seeking a teacher or tutor for both children and adults in mathematic literacy or research, Maryna from The Learning Facilitators is your answer!

Mathematics Revision and Exercise Program in Mossel Bay

The Learning Facilitators in Mossel Bay offers a mathematics revision and exercise program for Grade 6 and 7 pupils as well as adults. This program is perfect for those who want to revise their basic math skills. The program is designed in such a way that it provides a systematic and step-by-step review of the basic concepts. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the program.

Mentoring Program for Social Research Skills in Mossel Bay

The ‘Social Science Club’ is a mentoring program for senior high school students and post matriculants. Master social research skills and strengthen your resume. This program is the ideal preparation program for university studies. These programs are offered under the mentorship of an experienced social researcher with local and international training (University of Michigan) and a proven publication record.. Progress from Beginner Researcher to Intermediate and complete the program with an Advanced Researcher title.

Other special programs, events and competitions related to learning and teaching on an ad hoc base will be held from time to time.

The Learning Facilitators