Synergy Rise

Synergy Rise

Servicing and Recharging of Fire Fighting Equipment in Mossel Bay

Servicing and Recharging of Fire Fighting Equipment in Mossel Bay

Synergy Rise is centrally located in Voorbaai Mossel Bay and offers services such as sales, servicing, recharging and installations of firefighting equipment and breathing apparatus in the Garden Route. The team of experts at Synergy Rise aims to provide all their clients with quality service and to maintain the highest quality standard in the work place. Synergy Rise complies with all legal and other quality requirements and standards set by the SABS and SAMSA.

  • Installations of Fire Extinguishers
  • Refilling of Fire Extinguishers ( Powder and CO?)
  • Maintenance of Fire Hydrants, Fire Monitors and Block Valves
  • Cleaning of Fire Equipment, Fire Extinguishers and Breathing Apparatus Boxes
  • Pressure Testing of Fire Hoses and more!
  • Servicing and Recharging of Fire Fighting Equipment in Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay Sales of Fire Fighting Equipment

Synergy Rise deals in sales of a large range of Fire Fighting Equipment. Our shop is located in Voorbaai, Mossel Bay however we service the entire Garden Route with sales, servicing and maintenance. We offer Fire Extinguishers, Trolley Units, Fire Hoses, Fire Blankets, a large selection of Signs (normal and illuminated), Fire Alarms, Smoke Alarms, Fire Extinguisher Boxes, Fire Hose Boxes, Sprinkler Systems, Gas Detection Systems and more.

Installation, Maintenance and Refilling of Fire Extinguishers and Breathing Apparatus in the Garden Route

Synergy Rise specialize in the installations, maintenance and refilling of fire fighting extinguishers and breathing apparatus in and around the Garden Route. They also service and supply fire hose reels and hydrants.

General Maintenance and other Services in Mossel Bay

For all your maintenance, transport, Building Contractors and plumbing needs, contact Synergy Rise in Mossel Bay. Their team of professional and qualified men is standing ready to assist you in all general services.

After Hours: 073 054 3429

Address: Shop 3, No 3, Bolton Road, Voorbaai, Mossel Bay