Human Tree in the Tsitsikamma Forest


Tsitsikamma Forest Guard

Activity Company in Stormsriver   Come and experience for yourself the 450-500 year old “Forest Guard” in Stormsriver. The 450 to 500 year old Forest Guard sleeps during daytime and is ready to guard the Tsitsikamma indigenous forest a night. You will be amazed by the Human Tree in Stormriver.  

Woodcutters Journey Through the Tsitsikamma Indigenous Forest

The Tsitsikamma indigenous forest takes you back to a time where the forest was “home” to hunter gatherers and their existence in the forest. Discover how the forest lives and breathe the sounds of birds like the Knysna Loerie and Green Wood Hoopoes. Discover nature at its purest on our “Woodcutters Journey”. Pre bookings are essential and subject to availability.   contact-details-click-here.jpg