Garden Route Debt Counselors

Garden Route Debt Counselors

Garden Route Debt Counselors in Mossel Bay

Debt Counseling in Mossel Bay

Garden Route Debt Counselors, previously known as Debt Inc Mossel Bay, is committed to improve your quality of life when debt is compromising your future. We assist a number of happy clients in Mossel Bay, George and Oudtshoorn.

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Debt Counselor in Mossel Bay

Commit to your dreams! Debt is the worst form of poverty! Clear your debt without further loans and start living. Garden Route Debt Counselors in Mossel Bay provides protection against legal action and repossessions.

Assistance with Debt Review in the Garden Route

Garden Route Debt Counselors will supply you with a lifeline in the troubled waters of too much debt. While under Debt Review our dedicated debt counselors will assist you with repayment plans for your debt obligations whilst keeping your assets.

Advantages of Debt Counseling;

  • Re-arrange your debt payments to suite your budget
  • Being placed under the program is not an act of insolvency
  • The debt review program can secure your assets
  • Guaranteed 100% confidentiality
  • You will make just ONE consolidated payment per month towards paying off your debt.
  • Your monthly debt repayment can be reduced.
  • You can sleep better, knowing that you have taken action to get things under control.

Debt Counselors in Mossel Bay

Garden Route Debt Counselors is situated in the center of Mossel Bay. Our Debt counselors are fully qualified and registered with the NCR and through experience and professional service we are here to assist you! Contact us today.