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Freshwash Laundry offer a “drop and collect” laundry service in George. All Laundry is done according to the highest standards by trained staff. Under the supervision of owner, Phébé Jaanse Van Rensburg, you can be assured of the best professional service.

Laundry Service in George

Freshwash Laundry in George will take care of all your laundry requirements. They will make your life a lot easier by washing, drying and ironing your cloths and other items like towels, linen and blankets. Should you just need a washing, drying or ironing service they will take care of this as well. Freshwash Laundry offers a one -stop solution to all your laundry needs– nothing is too big for them. Freshwash is also a dry-cleaning depot making them an all in one laundry solution!

Industrial and Hospitality Laundry Service in the Garden Route

Freshwash Laundry not only takes care of the normal day to day household laundry, they also takes care of industrial and hospitality laundry in the Garden Route. They have the perfect solution for all businesses including hotels, restaurants, guest houses and more. Contact Freshwash Laundry for more information.

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