Effective Weight Loss Products Available in George


Slimming and Weight Loss Products in George

Geneva Pharmacy in George

At Geneva Pharmacy you can now buy various slimming and weight loss products including the popular Slimbetti weight loss products and PGC3 (Pure Garcinia Cambogia) the weight loss product that even Dr Oz is excited about. As a privately owned pharmacy, Geneva Pharmacy in George stocks exciting products not always available from other pharmacy.



Slimmbetti Weight Loss Products in George

Slimmbetti stocked by Geneva Pharmacy in George is an amazing weight loss product that has been developed by scientists, doctors and nutritionists to offer successful weight loss and improved nutrition. Products in the Slimbetti range includes:

  • ActiveXtreme – ultra fat burning formula
  • Fibre Trim – an appetite suppressant
  • Tummy – the ultimate belly fat pill
  • Hoodia Slender Gel – stops cravings and firms skin



PGC3 (Pure Garcinia Cambogia) Available in George

The weight loss product that even Dr Oz is excited about, PGC3 (Pure Garcinia Cambogia) is now available from Geneva Pharmacy in George. Dr Oz called this natural weight loss solution the “Holy Grail of weight loss”. It has possible fat blocking and burning properties and can increase your weight loss results.