Custom Decks and Walkways

Builders of Wooden Decks and Boardwalks in George

Garden Route Decks and WalkwaysCustom Decks and Walkways in George are builders of wooden and composite decks, boardwalks and interiors in the Garden Route. They supply a range of from treated lumber, composite material, Gurapa, Balau and other hardwoods.
Custom Decks and Walkways strive in giving all clients professional service and only the highest quality of workmanship.

Wooden and Composite Decking in George, Garden Route

Decks and Walkways in George
A quality wooden deck instantly creates an extension to any living or entertainment area and thus adds to the value of any property. The carefully engineered decks of Custom Decks and Walkways ensure that all safety standards are met and comply with the minimum flex of the bearers and joists. They are an approved installer of Envirodecks Composite decking.

Dune Walkway Construction on the Garden Route

Walkways in Wilderness, Garden Route
Custom Decks and Walkways also specialize in quality dune walkway construction and dune stabilization. They have mastered the technique of sinking poles to the depth of over 3 meters, by sinking the poles by an auger and watered in, ensuring they are immovable thus preventing the dunes from slipping. Contact Custom Decks and Walkways today for high quality and environmentally-friendly dune walkways.

Garden Route Construction and Carpentry Service

Garden Route Construction and Carpentry Service

Apart from quality wooden decks and dune walkways in the Garden Route, Custom Decks and Walkways also provide a construction and carpentry service. They specialize in woodwork such as ceilings, partitions and wooden fencing. Contact them today for quality wooden decks, dune walkways and other construction and carpentry work.

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