Christelle Kleynhans

Christelle Kleynhans

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christelle kleynhans
After being away from the scenic Garden Route for a while, I am back and ready to pick up my pen and start giving you hands-on feedback about what is hot and happening in our beautiful area!

I had the opportunity to live in a few towns in the Garden Route such as George, Still Bay and Reebok near Mossel Bay. Each town has its own charm which makes it unique.

I will go and visit some of the most popular beaches in the Western Cape, spend time doing some of the exciting adventure activities as well as enjoy the company of several of the people who makes the Garden Route the popular area it is today!

I invite every one who has any upcoming events in the Garden Route to contact me. I will gladly promote your event via my website as well as my Publishing Network.

Not only will I cover the tourism related news in the area but also the hard news that crosses my way.

So for now, with my camera around my neck and my notebook in the one hand, I greet you until my next article!

Happy reading,

Christelle Kleynhans

Ps. Please feel free to contact me if you have any news you feel is worthwhile sharing!